what we do

Natural Intelligence is a global leader in the comparison space, operating in markets throughout North America, Europe, South America, and Australia. We work with one goal in mind: help customers make better, more informed decisions when choosing an online service provider.

We build comparison sites in the top 10 best format, constantly improving our ability to offer relevant, valuable, and customized content and user experiences. With this winning combination, we believe an individual gets all the information they need, in an accessible and easy-to-understand way, to make smarter, more informed decisions based on their needs.

We’re clearly on to something… Thanks to millions of consumers, and tremendous business partners, Natural Intelligence is now listed as one of Google's top 50 advertisers worldwide.


The Intelli gence Behind our Meth ods

We mix startup innovation with big company execution - embodying the spirit of progressive thinking with the experience of an established company. At Natural Intelligence, we work hard to not just stay at the forefront of technology, but to get ahead of it as well.

As the world, and the needs of our users and partners, evolve so do we. By emphasizing a fusion of dedication, flexibility and hard work, we apply our expertise across all channels, devices and information sources our customers use to give them the comparison experience they need.

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With proprietary technology, and an unrelenting desire to be the best, we continuously optimize performance, as well as the way in which we connect with consumers. With optimization occurring at the most granular level, we can best learn not just what our users want, but when they are looking for it. Additionally, we are willing to invest to make this happen.

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